Good Wishes for Kim

kim2 I visited Kim this morning and picked up the last batch of potholders that she’ll be sewing for a while.   Kim is having shoulder surgery today.  The good news is, in about a month or so, she should be all healed and no longer in pain. I told her I’d make a bunch of potholders so when she’s all better there will be plenty of sewing to do.  But between now and then I have a feeling we might be able to get to have one or two of those lunches together that we keep talking about.  So here’s wishing Kim a successful surgery and a quick and painless recovery.

5 thoughts on “Good Wishes for Kim

  1. Oh yes, a quick and painless recovery to Kim!!!!!

    Maria, I know I saved something on which you gave a quick rundown on how you or Kim sews your hankie scarves but I can’t find it now!!! Argh!

    I have been collecting hankies and now am contemplating making one, but can’t find your general directions–do you remember if it was one of your blog posts, or where that was?

    Thanks a bunch! Robin Shaw

    1. I don’t remember it specifically Robin, but it you type vintage hankie scarves into the search on my blog, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

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