Today’s Woman Interveiw With Elaine Houston, Next Thursday

Elaine Houston and Me
Elaine Houston and Me

Remember that interview I did back in November for the News Series Today’s Woman with Elaine Houston.  Well It’s going to be TV next Thursday.  So for anyone local, you can see it on WNYT Albany News Channel 13 at 5:30 pm.

Once the show airs I’ll be able to link to it on Elaine’s Website. So if you’re not local or you are and miss it, if you want to see it, I’ll post it on Friday morning.

I asked Elaine how  I did after the interview wondering if I said a lot of likes, ya knows and kinda’s.  She told me I was very articulate and not to worry, they take care of the other stuff.

I’m going to try and watch the interview as if it isn’t me I’m watching.  That way I’m sure to be not so hard on myself.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Woman Interveiw With Elaine Houston, Next Thursday

  1. I can’t wait to see it. I am not local, so I will wait patiently until you post a link. What a wonderful thrilling event for you…you are very brave! How nice!

  2. Will watch it online to the sound of some really loud yoddling, or make that Wulfhowlings – no doubt you gave a great interview, with many more to come!!! 🙂

    1. Well Janet, I’m 5″2′ and I think Elaine is tall, so between the two of us…. It’s funny though as much as some people tell me I’m short, I’ve never seen myself as being short. I still don’t even though logically and compared to most people I am.

  3. Beautiful photo of you and Elaine, Maria! I’m excited to watch the interview. Since Elaine already told you that you were very articulate, I know you did FABULOUS!

  4. I am so excited to see this interview Maria. So looking forward to it. It has been a brutal week for me and most everyone around me. Sometimes its hard not to feel like the world is ganging up on you even though we know better. which goes to my point. Please dont be hard on yourself, lets stand together. Theres enough criticism and things coming up against us (some days) without our help. Gently and in good humor then, well watch your wonderful show. xo

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