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Jon's photos for the show at the Round House.
Jon’s photos for the show at the Round House.

I decided when I did my first show in the Pig Barn Gallery that I would only show the art of  artists that I liked who are easy and fun to work with.   I know that can be limiting, since there are many great artists who are neither, but  it’s just not worth it to me.  A while back I made the decision to not consciously invite suffering into my life.  And it may be paying off, when it comes to working with artists anyway. Because for the past few weeks, I’ve been working with Jon and George Forss to help them put together an exhibit at the Round House Cafe in Cambridge.

Jon and I were thrilled when George said he would print Jon’s photo’s for the show.   When he showed us the prints we were both in awe.  I’ve never seen Jon’s photos translate so well from computer to paper.  George kept on attributing the quality of the of prints to the special paper he bought.  But then he showed us the proofs he ran before the final printing and the changes he made.  And I realized the difference it makes when an artist does the printing.  It’s the difference between bring your film to Rite Aid to get developed compared to developing them yourself in a dark room.

This morning Jon and I handed the phone back and forth to each other as we exchanged idea’s with George (who was on the other end) about the title of the show.  I liked “Seeing Our World”, but George was certain “Looking” was the right word.   I found it hard to argue with him, he seemed so sure it was right.   And when I handed the phone back to Jon for the last time, George said that he enjoyed working with me.  I told him I felt the same.

And we are working together, the three of to make it happen.  I’m printing labels for the photos and George is cutting pieces of foam core from his framing scraps for me to paste them on.   Jon has enlisted Deb make invitations and do the publicity.  And we’ll have an opening reception at the Round House Cafe on Thursday,  February 20th.    Where all of Jon’s and George’s photos will be for sale.  (The show will be up for the month of February)

You get to know someone when you work with them.  And working with George on this show, I’ve gotten to know him a little better.  And, I’m finding,  the more I know George, the more I like him.



5 thoughts on “Looking At Our World

  1. I’m with you Maria — I like Seeing better than Looking. The connotations are so different. I think visual arts are about how we see and interpret. Looking, to me, implies more of a physical action.

  2. I can’t wait for this show Maria! I am sure the photos are going to be incredible printed up so beautifully. I love both Jon and George’s work; so very different, yet with so much to offer. I’m excited for all of you and for Scott and Lisa to get to live with such beauty around them as they work in their cafe!

    1. Actually Suzanne, All of Jon’s and George’s photos from the Round House Cafe Exhibit will be for sale through the Round House Cafe. Once the show is up we’ll post the photos and give the information for contacting Scott at the Round House. Thanks for asking.

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