Struwwelpeter Pillow

tess pillow

It was around Halloween when Tess asked me if I could make her a pillow out of the hankie Uta gave me of the tale of  Struwwelpeter.     I actually have a bunch of pieces from around then that I’m making for people.  My goal is to get them done in the next few weeks.  So where to start?  I guess I just go with my urges. Yesterday when I was buzzing on my antibiotics, I designed this pillow.

The story of Struwwelpeter is a dark cautionary one about the dangers of not cutting your hair, and nails and not paying attention to what you’re doing.  I think framing it  with the flowers and  ribboned corners  gives it the feeling of being a page in a book. The decoration that might surround text or an illustration,  helping to transport the viewer to a distant place in another time.

10 thoughts on “Struwwelpeter Pillow

  1. Maria,
    The pillow is BEAUTIFUL!! Your design is absolutely right for this hankie. Thank you so much! I will cherish this pillow because of its significance and because you made it. Tess

  2. I am so glad my hankie has another life now and I love the way you present it on the pillow Maria. I also recognize the lace. Just love it.

  3. Wow! Your idea of a decorated page in an old book was perfect. What a great idea. I enjoyed seeing this take shape. Thank you for keeping us in-the-loop with your process. I’m happy that Tess is keeping you warm. So sweet!

  4. Maria, what a meaningful way to capture the essence of the hankie! it’s beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Maria, wow wow wow – the pillow design is magical, just perfect; made me think of the times l was a kid reading my Struwwelpeter book at night and then failing to fall sleep (surprise surprise) because l was so scared….

    Enjoy watching your interview tomorrow – I am still working on my yoddeling/Wulfhowling support chant 🙂

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