Tess and Brenda, Keeping Me Warm

Doing the morning chores wearing the cowl that Brenda made me from Tess' wool
Doing the morning chores wearing the cowl that Brenda made me from Tess’ wool

For me, there’s a big difference between 20 degrees and zero degrees.  Twenty degrees is normal winter weather but zero makes me want to stay inside.  So when I looked at the thermometer out the kitchen window before letting the dogs out,  I thought of the cowl that Brenda sent me yesterday.  Made from Tess’ wool, one skein, she wrote.  Once outside I pulled it up over my nose and was filled with the smell of wool.  Warm and comforting and of course I thought of Tess, my sheep who lives on in gloves and scarves and the kindness of those who made them for me.  Thanks Brenda.  A part of me feels there’s something wrong with selling someone wool only to have them give it back to  me as a gift.  And another part of me wants to just graciously say thank you and be able to receive.

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  1. Maria, how easy it seems to give yet not receive. Why is that? It’s a beautiful cowl and I’m thinking that it must be easy enough to make on round needles is it not?
    Your tooth, I understand, I’m having similar issues myself only my cap on my post (root canal) is no longer holding and what’s left of it and the steel post will have to be removed, leaving no tooth. Abcesses are painful, root canals are not overly so, once you get that far.
    SandyP in frozen, as well, S. Ont. Canada

  2. Brenda is one of the most special people I know and that is an awesome cowl! I know that you will enjoy wearing it for years to come!

  3. Dear Maria,

    The color of that cowl is stunning! It makes your eyes POP! and it looks quiet toasty! I understand your thoughts about “receiving” and a nun friend of mine told me to change the word “gift” in my mind to “blessings” I no longer feel uncomfortable receiving blessings! Warm thoughts to you and Jon.


  4. Oh Maria, I just read the past 3 days of your blog one right after another after missing a few days. I almost always read every morning since it starts my day out on such a nice inspirational note. I realized I was grinning like an idiot; your reflections tickle my heart and I just wanted to say thanks for your good heart, your art and creativity, and your stepping out on the limb to share who you are with all of us readers!

    I am assembling my workroom tomorow which means I will start creating my pieces once again and will send you one of my functional art H2O cans which I have mentioned in previous e-mails.

    Be on the road to recovery, stay as warm as you can and hug Jon.

    Linda Viehweg

  5. I love this cowl – what an excellent idea! No scarf ends to get in the way and your face & neck covered in the cold. A blessing indeed Maria. Sweet Tess’ love is everywhere and wraps you in her warmth.

  6. Maria, if you can get a copy of “Knitting Yarns” edited by Ann Hood, in which various writers, known and unknown (at least unknown by me) talk about knitting. It includes an incredible essay by Barbara Kinsolver which may be the best thing she will every write. It is about the journey of wool from the sheep to the knitting and it is so lush and beautiful. It is a prose poem and one can almost feel and smell the wool as it travels on its way. I read it on my Kindle and I hope that Public Libraries everywhere will have it also.

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