His and His Potholders and a Shopping Cart

His and His Potholders
His and His Potholders

I got an order for a pair of His and His Potholders last week.  I still haven’t replenished my stock from Christmas so I made these two today.

I’d love to have a page on my website with a shopping cart where I would always have some potholders available.  His and His, His and Hers, Hers and Hers and single potholders too.  I’d also have my Vintage Hankie Scarves and  I could have Jon’s notecards on the page once we get them printed.  Maybe even some notecards of my own.  (hmm I just came up with that idea while writing this, that could be fun).  The page would have a paypal button for easy shopping and like on ETSY, when a potholder is sold it’s marked Sold.  This would make the whole selling process easier for everyone.  I wouldn’t sell everything this way, but just have some staple pieces.  And I’d still take checks, but people using paypal would have an edge on things.  They wouldn’t have to wait for me to read my email to complete an order.

So this is what I’d like, and I’m thinking of doing a Kickstarter Project (like Jon did for his book Talking to Animals) to fund it.  I still have to work out the details and find out how much the page would cost to make.  I love the idea of Kickstarter, it’s like getting a grant, only instead of  the money coming from the government, it comes from people who believe in what someone’s trying to do enough to help them achieve it.  It’s also a great way of broadening my audience.

So that’s what I’m thinking.  When I spoke to Chis at Mannix Marketing (my website designers)  he said I’d have to be prepared for an increase in sales if I did something like this.  That would mean having to make more of everything.  (When I created my first website, Yes/No Quilts, I intentionally left out any reference to sales or how to buy something, so Chris knows all about my business fears.)  I got a little pang when he said this, but said, “Well, I’ll just get nervous about it, have a panic attach or two then figure it out.  Sounds like a plan to me.


9 thoughts on “His and His Potholders and a Shopping Cart

  1. Why not open an Etsy Shop to sell your drawings and pot holders. It’s pretty easy to set up and they do most of the business type work for you … just a thought ….

    1. I did have an ETSY shop Elaine, when I first started my blog, but it didn’t work back then. I had hard time keeping it updated because people were buying directly from my blog and not going to ETSY. It actually might work better now, so it’s something to think about. But a part of me likes having it all in my own “shop”.

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