Staying Warm

minnie and llI came in the house to warm up. It’s 10 below, and with the wind, my studio is having a hard time holding heat.  I’m bundled up hat, scarf, fingerless gloves and many layers of clothes.   I left Frieda in the house today, knowing she’d be happier by the wood stove and took Lenore to the studio.  But she couldn’t settle so I brought her back in the house.  I’m determined to finish tacking my quilt.  So I’m taking breaks to warm up my fingers and feet.  Coming in the house to sit by the wood stove, do my email and blog.  Get some hot tea.  Minnie was already lounging in the sun when I sat in front of the wood stove so I sat down next to her.  Soon Lenore joined us. Makes it even harder to go back to the studio.

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