“Woman Uses Artwork To Stay True To Herself”

Elaine Houston and the camera man in my studio during the interview.
Elaine Houston and the camera man in my studio during the interview.

It was kinda wild watching myself on Today’s Woman last night.  My friends Athena and David came over to watch it with us and I told Athena I made a conscious decision not to judge how I looked or sounded.  Just to experience it. So we sat through a few stories of dogs being rescued from frozen lakes and then there it was, there I was, on TV.

Elaine interviewed me for about an hour, so I did a lot of talking, (I really do love talking about my work) and the segment of Today’s Woman is about two minutes long.  But in that two minutes Elaine really got down to the heart of my work, which is so much about being authentic and making connections.

So if you’d like to see me on Today’s Woman,  just click here .


51 thoughts on ““Woman Uses Artwork To Stay True To Herself”

  1. Maria, the interview was WONDERFUL! Too short, but definitely wonderful. Watching it and hearing you speak about your art is inspiring to me personally and gives me the courage to use my own art as self expression. Your words about art being created for the art world rang true in my ears and that is not what I want to do, because that isn’t WHAT I do.

    In addition, I want to tell you how very, VERY MUCH I am enjoying my lace and doily scarf which you so beautifully created. Tonight my husband and I are going to the National Art Center in Ottawa to the theatre and I will be wearing it…AGAIN! EVERYTIME I wear it people immediately ask me about it and I tell them it was so beautifully and artfully created by YOU! 🙂 Maybe I’ll get my hubby to take a photo.

    Again, thank you for sharing Today’s Woman segment. I’m tickled pink that I actually got to hear you speak about your artwork.


  2. Wonderful. I now feel like I’ve met you!! I think we could be friends except for the pesky 1000+ miles that separate us! lol

  3. Terrific Maria, just wish it could have been a bit longer. And I have to say I loved seeing my wallhanging in the video. Congratulations!

  4. That was great! I loved getting a sense of you “live” rather than just photos, sure wish I wasn’t 2k miles away, I bet we would connect. Thanks for sharing that with us, stay warm and carry on, you’re an inspiration!

  5. Panic ! At first my Safari browser wouldn’t play the interview….I was so flustered…my IT Man was home and I pounced on him for help…..I must see this !!!! After a minute he assured me it was not supported by Safari on my ( mac ) so he tried FireFox and WOW……..Hearing your voice for the first time was Fun and Special ! The interview was wonderful ! Even my IT man (Brian) liked it. hee hee Well done….inspiring ! Thank you for sharing. Made my day ! 🙂

  6. Maria — Breavo! What a wonderful interview of you and your work and your philosophy of life and art. You go girl!

  7. It was so nice to see you as an actual talking human!! and not just a picture!! Wished the piece was 30 minutes long – wanted to hear more! I even teared up with what you said – could feel the passion! XOXO

  8. I am delighted to see how Elaine Houston captured beautifully your essence in those 2 minutes. I was a videographer and produced TV shows on Native American issues. It is difficult to start with 60 minutes of footage and then condense it into 2 minutes. She’s a pro and the finished piece is just right. I loved hearing your voice, literally and also how well you articulated yourself. This is very exciting! Wonderful that your friends shared the broadcast with you. I feel like I have watched you blossom [from afar] and it is marvelous.

    Janet [aka Anna Mae]

  9. Great video … YOU were wonderful at expressing yourself. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for a long time. Well Done.

  10. How wonderful to hear your voice, Maria, and to hear the whir of your sewing machine and see your hands at work. You sounded great, too! Your conviction really came across so nicely.

  11. Maria…..you made the beautiful quilt for our daughter Olivia, its hanging on the wall in her room, its something I see everyday and enjoy the memories it holds, I know we haven’t met (yet) but it was so nice to watch your video and actually hear your voice….a voice I never heard but feel so close too!!! Many blessings as you put your beautiful artwork out in the world…congratulations on your remarkable journey! Also, a little early but Happy Birthday, I’m not sure if you remember but you, Matt (my husband) and Olivia all share the same birthday!!! Happy Birthday and many more!

  12. Your confidence shines through for all to see. Bet you’ve inspired many women to go back to their art & to speak their truth. Congrats – what a great interview!

  13. Add mine to all the voices that would like to have heard more from you than this two minutes – every time there was a voiceover and I could see you still talking, I was trying to figure out what you were saying! It’s a beautifully done piece, though, absolutely something to be proud of. Your passion for your work came through in that brief space of time, and it was wonderful to see you move and speak, now I have a real visual to go with the voice on your blog. Keep up the beautiful work.

  14. Congratulations Maria. This was a nicely done piece and gave you a chance to really shine on your own. I hope that this leads to more acknowledgement for you, it’s well deserved. And I hope the next interviewer is charmed by Simon! 🙂

  15. Maria, this was just wonderful. You came across so brilliantly. You have a most beautiful voice and way of expression. I felt very proud to have pieces of your work in my home. Well done!

  16. Maria – You looked great and said some really meaningful things that hopefully will reach other people who are tempted to explore their creativity. I wish I could see the whole hour of the interview. It’s funny that my first job as a TV producer a million years ago was for a show called “Today’s Woman” broadcast by Newsweek in New York City. How I would have loved to do an interview with you! You are so articulate, genuinely enthusiastic and relaxed when you talk about what you are doing.

  17. Maria, I also loved hearing your voice! It was a wonderful segment…it was great to see your excitement, and that you are doing something you love. Congratulations!

  18. Thank you Maria. It is wonderful when we can put a voice to a blog and your blog is one of my favorites. Well done.

  19. DEAR MARIA, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!!!!! Annie P.S. I LOVED hearing your voice. Your voice is as beautiful as the rest of you!

  20. Oh Maria! This is a wonderful clip! Love how it shows all the color in your life. And not to sound too weird – but you have the most beautiful expressive eyes!

  21. I really enjoyed seeing you, and listening to your inspirational comments about your art. I admire your strength and creativity!

  22. Lovely piece! Thank you again for the affirmation to allow ones work to come from the heart. I believe this comes through in all that you do and will be applicable to all artists. Affirmations and inspirations, Thank you!

  23. Maria The interview you did was wonderful ! You came across to the viewers as very natural,relaxed and true to your self. And I was SO surprised to see my special patchwork potholder in your basket!! My potholder is a T.V.star. I think of you and Jon and all that Bedlam farm means to me over these many years when I see it hanging in my kitchen. And in a few days Ill look in the mail and another potholder will arrive. I bet after that nice interview you’ll have plenty of new fans. Stay Warm. xoxoxo Barb Sieke in Colorado

  24. So enjoyed this , Maria. You looke so pretty and So much color! Beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing this – especially for those of us who would not have had a chance to see it on TV.

  25. Maria, so beautiful to see you, and listen to you talk about your work. Your passion, and truth, shine through, in this interview. You are an inspiration to so many….
    Thank you for sharing this video with all of us. “)
    Wish it could have been longer.

  26. Hi Maria,
    Just had the ability to finally watch your interview & it was great!! I so enjoyed seeing you in person and hearing your voice–it’s funny how one forms a “picture” of a person without having any reference but photos–your real life voice was not anything I had “heard” in following your blog: much more confident and strong; “self assured” comes to mind ;-)–I loved it!! It was fun to see you “live” in your element, among your works–really cool.
    Wishing you continued success and a Happy Birthday on Tuesday,
    Patti B.

  27. I just watched your segment on Today’s Woman and you did a wonderful job. You made it very clear that the key to successful creativity is being authentic and and having your ideas come from your heart.

  28. Maria, I loved watching this … you were so well-spoken and articulate, and your passion for your work shone through. It was also really neat to get to hear your voice after “hearing” your written voice on the blog for so long. Great job! Thanks for posting the link!

    Oh, BTW, Happy Birthday!

  29. I was expecting a fragile, shy and retiring artist!!!! Who is this vibrant and confident woman? Very nice to see and hear you…people should get to know you.

  30. Thank you Maria. I have been reading yours and Jon’s blogs since a friend told me about them for almost a year now. I must say that it is so nice to hear your voice and see the peace and passion on your face. You are very empowering and inspiring.

    I have recently, January 6th of this year, embarked on my own journey to find my authentic self. I asked myself the question, “what if I only had a year to live, would I be here at this job?” A very loud and resounding NO, so I quit my job and it has taken me until today to actually relax and discover that I want to write that cookbook that I have been encouraged by others to write.

    I want to thank you for being an inspiration and playing a part in my getting up the courage to find me.

  31. Loved the interview and was sad when it was so short. In the pictures that Jon takes you seem more shy but this was fantastic! I would have watched for two hours. I understand why the other ladies feel like they want to be your friend, you are very likable. And I loved watching you sew. I wish the tv people would do a documentary with you and Jon. I would love to watch. Although it may be too invasive for your lives , it would be really fun to watch and get to know you both better.

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