In for the night

Flo and Minnie
Flo and Minnie

It’s been snowy and windy all day.  Now everyone’s been fed and in for the night.  The donkeys are in the stall and  the sheep are in the pole barn.  The chickens are huddled together in laying box in their coop.  The dogs are on their beds and Minnie and Flo have found a way to be together without being together.

I just read through all the thoughtful and kind messages about my interview on Today’s Woman.  I’m fortunate to have such supportive people who read my blog and follow my work.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “In for the night

  1. Ah, peace and satisfaction for all at Bedlam Farm II!
    Your interview was a lovely tribute to a very lovely, talented artist! Thank you for all your fine work.

    Thank you too for sharing your work on behalf of the creatures in your care who are thriving because you see and meet their needs in a very perceptive and loving manner.

    A joy for me to watch. Thank you for sharing.

    From Fran
    Jericho, Vermont

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