“Sing To The Sunshine” By Roger Smith

Tree after tree
Tree after Tree

I made this pillow this past autumn inspired by my drive through the Adirondacks.  Susan and Roger bought the pillow.   But Roger’s a musician and in my words he saw a song.  He just sent me a recording of it last week and luckily it’s on YouTube, so I can share it with everyone.

It’s really beautiful and sung with so much emotion.  He changed the words from Tree after tree brings me to me to Tree after tree brings you to me, which makes it a sweet and heart opening love song.  I’m thrilled that a song writer would be inspired by my words.

So here it is, Roger Smith’s song “Come to the Sunshine”

The words from my pillow:

Comfort in mystery
Come to the sunshine sing the Moon
tree After tree Leads Me to Me


7 thoughts on ““Sing To The Sunshine” By Roger Smith

  1. What a beautiful gift to receive! A soft, lovely song, inspired by one of your heartfelt creations. I think this song is beautifully written, and sung by Roger Smith. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Beautiful. What an honor to have your work inspire another in such a way. I think you have “arrived” girl!

  3. Maria, I need to gush a little more about this..I really love this song. I grabbed my pillow, “Freedom From Each Mistake”…more beautiful lyrics there..”The wind is my breath, my heart the ocean, missing the moon, cradle me in the light” . Hello Roger? More lyrics where those came from! You have so many gifts Maria, thank you for sharing them.

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