Hanging The Studio Sign at Hubbard Hall

Gina and Anne in front of the Hubbard Hall Studio
Gina and Anne in front of the Hubbard Hall Studio

The Studio sign I made for Hubbard Hall went up today.  That’s Gina and Anne holding up the old sign, which looks less faded in this photo than it actually is.  The criteria for the new sign was that you could see it from the parking lot.  I had a little twinge of fear thinking when it was finally hanging it wouldn’t be straight or I misspelled the word Studio.  (I’m forever switching the “i” and “d” when I type the word).

I decided to make the back colorful and used a table cloth I got at Athena’s garage sale last year.  I thought it would be something nice for people to see when they came out of the building.  I was tempted to just use the table cloth as a table cloth, it’s so pretty, but everything about it said it belonged on the back of the sign.

The back of the sign
The back of the sign

9 thoughts on “Hanging The Studio Sign at Hubbard Hall

  1. So excited to see this! I didn’t know until a couple of days ago that you were creating this! THANK YOU , THANK YOU!! Deb

  2. So cool, Maria, to have your work hanging at Hubbard Hall!
    You must be feeling such a sense of satisfaction, as you see your sign hanging so proudly…..
    I love what you did to the back of it, as well.
    Beautiful, well done!

  3. The beautiful New sign was the first thing my children and I noticed tonight when we stepped out of our car. Fantastic work!

  4. The sign looks very classy and it really stands out. I, too, love the backing. Thanks for showing us the completed work. It’s not done until it’s hanging!

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