“When you were born daffodils were blooming”

Sally's baby dress and bonnet.
Sally’s baby dress and bonnet.

“When you were born the daffodils were blooming”  Sally’s mother, not usually a sentimental person,  wrote to her.  Along with the letter came an Amish baby dress, bonnet and bracelet.  They were Sally’s, the first-born.  It wasn’t long after that, that Sally’s family left the church.

When Sally saw one of my Vintage Hankie pillows, she asked if I could do something similar with her dress.   It’s not something I would usually take on, the dress and bonnet seem to precious to me, but Sally and I are friends and I wanted to do it for her as much as I was touched that she trusted me.

This is as far as I got today, but I still need to attach the baby bracelet and I’ll stitch her mother’s  words about the daffodils on the day she was born,  below the left arm.  That’s what I’m thinking right now anyway.   I think it’s too big to be a pillow and would work well as a wall hanging.

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