Lunch With Mandy and Lenore

Lenore on Mandy's couch
Lenore on Mandy’s couch

Snowstorm…..School closed…..Round House Cafe closed.  This all matters because Mandy and Athena and I couldn’t have our regular weekly business lunch.  Athena was snowed in, but Mandy was at work.   Seems even a snowstorm won’t stop her clients from getting a Massage.

So I picked up some soup and dog biscuits from the Cambridge Co-0p and Lenore and I had lunch with Mandy in her Studio.  When Mandy patted the couch Lenore jumped up as if she did this everyday.  Every once in a while I gave her a biscuit, otherwise she was happy to lounge around while we ate and talked.

My connection with Lenore is growing deeper.  We spend more and more time together, going for walks in the woods and now, when she hears the snap of my eye-glass case she comes running, tail wagging.  She knows I’m headed for my car and eager to come along for the ride.  I think she must notice the difference too because now, sometimes when I’m working in the house, she’ll come and sit next to me.  Something she never did before.


6 thoughts on “Lunch With Mandy and Lenore

  1. That is a wonderful picture of Lenore! And I love that you got to have a spontaneous lunch with Mandy. I bet it was fun! Lenore is drawn to your very loving nature, feeling a kinship with you I think. I’m glad Frieda is willing to share you a bit.

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