Sally’s Amish Baby Dress Wall Hanging

sally s dress

I finished Sally’s wall hanging today.  Stitched the words her mother wrote and sewed on the baby bracelet.   I tied the ends of the bracelet onto two bone buttons then sewed the buttons onto the fabric.

sally s dress yoder


11 thoughts on “Sally’s Amish Baby Dress Wall Hanging

  1. “Yoder”! I just had a flashback to a wonderful trip through Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Oh, the food . . . the wonderful food . . . I still have a cookbook somewhere, but would never be able to put my hands on the same ingredients they used.

  2. Maria, this is just so sweet! A wonderful remembrance, beautifully put together. I love the trim you used for the border and the way you applied the bracelet.

  3. Absolutely Grand, Maria! You’re ability to put together an imagine is enviable. I sincerely appreciate your incredible creativity. It feels, to me, to always come from the depths of your soul. Wonderful piece!

  4. Maria,
    Sally and her family will surely treasure this wonderful heirloom that, because of you, is now a beautiful piece of art.

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