Toasting Cocktail Cats


These are the other 2 Cocktail Cats
Toasting Cocktail Cats

Jackie sent me the cats.  I had never seen anything quite like them.  Hand sewn, must be from the 1950’s or 60’s, Cocktail napkins I imagine.  There are two sets of the Toasting Cocktail Cats and two sets of Dancing Cocktail Cats. cocktail cats dancing  I knew right away they would be pillows.

So yesterday after finishing Sally’s wall hanging I thought of the Cocktail Cats.  The first pillow I made using them is  unusually symmetrical and balanced for me.   The red Rick Rack was just the touch it needed to keep the cats from getting lost in the design   ( I love Rick Rack, I think because it reminds me of my mother sewing on the dining room table.  I loved the sound her shears made on the table as she cut out pattens.   All my favorite smocks and dresses that she made for me had Rick Rack on them).   I think all that symmetry came from the rectangles of the napkins (I’m already thinking of the cutting them into oval for the next pillow) and the fact that since making that sign for Hubbard Hall, my head has been in a place of straight lines and measurements.  I’m making my way back into my creative head.

As soon as I got the Toasting Cocktail Cats Pillow stuffed, (ran out of pillow stuffing) it will be for sale is sold.   By then I might have  the Dancing Cocktail Cats Pillow done too.

Detail of the Toasting Cocktail Cats
Detail of the Toasting Cocktail Cats

8 thoughts on “Toasting Cocktail Cats

  1. Another beautiful pillow!! Often Winter makes us think in straight lines, because the roundness of flowers and plants is not present. Stay warm Tess

  2. Ah. Red rick-rack, happy cats, and polka dots are all happy together! Really love the red rick-rack….icing ! 🙂

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