Repurpose Your Spent Spools

Minnie and Lenore checking out Minnie catnip toy from Patricia
Minnie and Lenore checking out Minnie catnip toy from Patricia
Lenore lost interest, not Minnie
Lenore lost interest, not Minnie
Minnie and her catnip
Minnie and her catnip pillow

Minnie and Flo have embraced the wonders of catnip.  But then, what cat doesn’t like a good roll in the catnip now and then.

Patricia makes toys for the cats at her local Humane Society, some of them catnip pillows and others she makes out of empty thread spools.  Last year she made over 300 toys and now she’s in need of more spools.  So if any of you sew and have some empty spools of thread that you’d like to repurpose,  instead of the throwing them in the garbage, Patricia can use them.   Just email her at [email protected].   You’ll be making a lot of cats very happy.

Flo and her catnip pillow
Flo and her catnip pillow

flo 2

flo 3

flo 4

13 thoughts on “Repurpose Your Spent Spools

  1. Your photos of Minnie and Flo, with their catnip pillows made me smile, and made my day. Pure “bliss”!
    Thank you for sharing…….

  2. Maria,

    How fun to see the “girls” enjoying their toys..

    I take any spools, any size, plastic or wood…Anyone who sends spools will receive some sample toys…

    Thank you,


    1. Patricia, is there anything else you can use to make the toys? Brooke wanted to know since she doesn’t sew and would like to contribute if possible.

  3. Great photos of Minnie and Flo enjoying their catnip toys! I am all thumbs when it comes to sewing, so I don’t have any empty spools, but is there anything else that Patricia could use in her efforts?

  4. Brook,

    I can always use ribbon for tying spool and wine cork toys, and of
    course wine corks:o))) Narrow ribbon is best.

    All you ladies can send wine corks to: Patricia Weinkauf
    4117 E 15th St.
    Vancouver, WA 98661

    Thanks again Maria,


  5. Maria,

    Yes, how could I have forgotten to mention corks before now? Not that I am encouraging anyone to overindulge but yes, send corks..


  6. I have about 50-75 empty thread spools..large and small… wood and plastic. Can anyone use them? Please let me know.

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