That feeling of being watched…

Zelda and Kim
Zelda and Kim

As I sat at my computer this afternoon,  typing the labels for Jon and George’s show at the Round House Cafe, I had the feeling I was being watched.  I looked out the window and saw Zelda and Kim staring at me.  I looked at the clock, it was almost 3pm, feeding time.  How do they know, I wonder.

4 thoughts on “That feeling of being watched…

  1. My cats always let me know what “time of day” it is.
    So cute! Zelda and Kim were probably sent by ” the others”.

  2. They know. I give my dogs meat bones every day at 5. If I’m late, they let me know! And the goats are bawling for hay. And the chickens practically come to the door to tell me they are ready for dinner. The sheep start baaaaing like crazy to be put back in the other pasture and given their evening hay meal. These animals have clocks we could go by.

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