Deep in the Woods

Earth Message
Earth Message

I’m finishing up the border on my Earth Message wall hanging.  I’m still considering putting a thin strip of mossy green around the outer edge.  The warm browns on the outside made it feel to me like she was deep in the woods. This piece is sold.

4 thoughts on “Deep in the Woods

  1. Oh,my goodness! I love this piece! Please tell me this wasn’t your only “Deep in the Woods” you’re ever going to make! I truly hope I am able to catch another one for sale in the future. You are exceptionally talented and I love your art because I find such connection with it. Your unique artistic use of the fabrics—patterns, textures, colors—fills me with such wonder. So thankful you started creating again and sharing it with others!

    1. Well Thanks Kristi. I know I won’t make one just like that piece, but I’m often inspired by the woods and I’m sure it will inspire me again.

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