A Bowl of Trusting Sun Shine

Cradling a bowl of ice I put the cactus on the windowsill trusting the sun to shine.
Cradling A bowl of ice I put the cactus on the windowsill trusting the Sun to Shine.

Every morning and afternoon I bring out a fresh hot bowl of water for the chickens.  Yesterday, as I carried the frozen bowl from the coop back to the house, I found myself holding it close to my body, as if it were something that could keep me warm or maybe that I could warm it.   The words popped into my head, cradling a bowl of ice.   I didn’t think I could feel any colder at that moment, the bowl of ice close to my heart.

In the house I stoked the fires and opened the curtains.  The grey morning clouds still covered the sky.  I looked at my cactus on top of the bookshelf, dormant for the winter, but still a constant symbol of desert heat to me.  In an act of faith I placed the cactus on the windowsill.  It’s a cold place when the sun isn’t out, the old wooden storms and cracked glass letting in drafts of freezing air.  But yesterday, I needed to believe the sun would shine.  The cactus, my offering, my encouragement to the sun.

Later, when I sky turned blue and the sun warmed up the windowsill, I imagined the cactus sighing, its broad planes taking in the heat.  Like the donkeys in the winter or the cats, no matter what the season.

A Bowl of Trusting Sun Shine is for sale Sold.  It’s a wall hanging, 23″x 33″ and is $95 + $10 shipping (in the US $20 in Canada). If you’re interested in it, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and Paypal.

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  1. Oh. Gosh. I have to say it again. I love this! The colors, the thought, the cat, the window, the cactus, the positive and happy vibe! Thanks for following your creative flow!

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