Memories of Warm

The box of foot warmers Jon got me to wear in my studio.
The box of foot warmers Jon gave me to wear in my studio.

I stopped by the Printers in town this morning.   They have proofs of some photos of Minnie and Flo that we’re going to be making into note cards.  One of  Flo didn’t print well on paper (photos often look different on the computer than they do printed) so we were looking through some of Jon’s photos from this past summer to find another picture that would make a good note card.

It was like traveling to another world, all those green plants and trees, colorful flowers, and the light of summer.  There were photos of me in sundresses, and I couldn’t reconcile my bare skin in the photos to how my bundled body felt looking at them.

It’s hard for me to believe that in a few months I’ll be walking around my studio in bare feet. Of course, I know it’s true that soon it will be warm again, and even hot.  The days are getting longer, it’s still light out at 5:30 and yesterday the sun came over the tree line at 7am.   But it’s hard for me to imagine, hard to remember what it feels like to not want to warm my hands on my cup of tea or to want ice in my water.

Last week Jon bought me a whole box of foot warmers.  I know people use these when they ski or do other winter sports.  But on these cold day, the uninsulated wooden floor in my studio is cold.  Drafts come up through the cracks in the floor from the tiny crawl space beneath it.  Even with my fur lined shoes on, my feet freeze.  But my foot warmers have changed all that.  It’s something I never would have thought of, but it makes being in my studio possible.  And they don’t just warm my feet, they keep my whole body warm.

Of course, it’s different from that bare foot summer heat, but now, when I look out the window and see the snow coming down and hear the wind blowing,  the thought of going to my studio has a cozy feeling.  And memories of the warm ground beneath my feet, are a little bit closer.

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  1. How very kind of Jon! I know when my feet are warm the rest of me is warm too.

    And I am so glad you are planning Minnie and Flo notecards for sale soon.

    Love from Fran

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