Reclaiming Vintage Hankies cont.

One of my Vintage Hankie Scarves
One of my Vintage Hankie Scarves (photo by Jon)

Jon gave me a good luck kiss and I hit the Submit button.  My Kickstarter project is now in its first round of edits.  That’s what happens after you send in all the information they ask for.  Your project gets reviewed and sent back to you with changes that need to be made.  Mostly they’re changes that help make your project a better one, or changes you need to make to fulfill the guidelines.  Then you submit it again and hope it gets accepted.  The projects aren’t juried, they just have to meet the regulations.

On Sunday, Jon and I made a video for the project.  I was looking forward to it till we got in my studio and Jon started filming.  Suddenly I lost my confidence and started doubting……well, everything.   I became a nervous wreck, stumbling over my words, suggesting we do the video another day.  When I began sewing, my needle threader wouldn’t work.  I had to thread the needle by hand which took much longer than it should have.  Then as soon as I started sewing the needle broke.  But it didn’t just break, it got stuck below the bobbin case.  Jammed between two pieces of metal.   I’ve never had this happen before.  I got it free with a needle nose pliers.   Then had to take the machine apart and turn it sideways  and shake it till the piece of needle fell out.   Jon ignored my ideas about quitting for the day, and started asking me questions about my work and the new sewing machine I’m hoping to buy.  It was a good move on his part, I started yakking and soon we were done.

I have to say, he did a good job and gave me lots of material to work with  (Once the filming was done he wanted nothing more to do with it until I had it edited and ready to be watched).  I started to have fun with the editing and I think it came out pretty good.

Today I had more trouble when I had to fax my driver’s license to Amazon for verification that I am me  (Amazon is where the money gets collected).   I brought it to the hardware store (they have a fax)  in town twice, each time getting back an email with a long list of possible reasons why they couldn’t verify that the license belonged to me.  I was thinking this was the glitch that would hold up the process or make it impossible for me to do.   Finally, around 4pm I read further on in the email and saw that there are online faxing services  ( Who knew, not me. What a wonderful thing!)  I took a photo of my license with my iphone and sent off the fax.  For some reason this worked and  an hour later I got an email saying they got my fax and I was verified to be me.

I didn’t even read over what I had written (it can all be changed once I get it back anyway) I just hit submit and let it go.

So that’s where my Kickstarter project stands.  If all goes well, it should be up by sometime next week.  I’m calling it Reclaiming Vintage Hankies.  I’ll let you know what happens next and when it all becomes official.

6 thoughts on “Reclaiming Vintage Hankies cont.

  1. Supporting you all the way! Congratulations on getting this first part done. Sounds very intense. I’m afraid I would have given up. Good job, Maria. 🙂

  2. Congrats, Maria! I look forward to seeing more amazing work with your signature “MW” stitched on it. Have fun and continue to push the envelope!

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