Zombie Hen Potholders For Sale

Zombie Hen Potholder
Zombie Hen Potholder

The Zombie trance lasted all morning.  It broke when I stopped for lunch.  In that time, I made 7  Zombie Hen Potholders and my dark side seemed to emerge as I sewed.  With each potholder their teeth became sharper and their claws longer.  I was in the Zombie trance.

Lunch with Mandy and Athena at the Round House seemed to bring me back to myself.  When I got into the studio again,  I sewed the potholders together zombie hen back (complete with plaid apple backs)  and now they’re ready to find their place in the world.

Like snowflakes, each Zombie Hen is a little different.
Like snowflakes, each Zombie Hen is a little different.

By the way, our chickens, who inspired the Zombie Hens, are doing pretty good these days.  They got chicken soup for lunch (after we left it on the stove when the wood was delivered and it shrunk down to smelly chicken glop) and are enjoying the warm temperatures (high 30’s today)  even if they’re still not venturing out of the coop.

My Zombie potholders  are All Sold.  $20 each plus $5 shipping in the US ($8 in Canada).  If you’d like one in your home, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.




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  1. I love these! I had just read about them on Jon’s blog and had to see them myself! I am a Zombie artist today feeling just like these hens! I have been busy cutting out projects and perhaps I have cut out one too many or my tolerance of being cooped up in my house has thrown me over the edge? That could be another series for you!~….I have been contemplating how many quilts I could make before Spring comes and likely snapped! 🙂 jane

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