Reclaiming Vintage Hankies-Update

making a Vintage Hankie Scarf
Making a Vintage Hankie Scarf

Thanks to so many of you, the first day of my Kickstarter Project “Reclaiming Vintage Hankies”  has been very successful.  I’m over 50% funded.  I’m already thinking of making all the rewards for the pledges.  (Positive thinking, half way there is still half way to go.  I’m seeing my glass half full).  Kim, who helps me sew my scarves (I design them all and she sews them together) is still recovering from shoulder surgery, but she’ll be all better by the time I get to work on fulfilling my pledges.  And I’m going to need her help.

I’ll also have some note cards printed of my work for some of the rewards.  I made note cards once years ago, using photos of my quilts.    This time I’ll make them from photos of my wall hangings.  If they look anything like my business cards, I’ll be very happy.

One of the benefits of doing something new like a Kickstarter Project is that it opens me up to new creative ideas.  Making the note cards is one of them.  I’m also going to be using some parts of the torn and worn hankies to make potholders.  And I have not doubt that I’ll have some more new ideas by the time my project is realized.



8 thoughts on “Reclaiming Vintage Hankies-Update

  1. Maria, I was moved to tears by your video. By the earnestness, immediacy, and simplicity of your conversation with us about your art. Immediately after watching the video, I opened today’s Writer’s Almanac (Garrison Keillor), and found this poem, which spoke deeply to me of your reclaiming and restoring hankies as you do. I am reminded of ancient cracked porcelain pottery pieces in which repairs have been made with gold, showing how honored and valued the piece is. So it is with your taking hankies, especially those donated by known individuals, and creating gold from them through your own magical alchemy. Oh yes, the poem….

    Scheming in the Snow
    by Jack Gilbert

    There is a time after what comes after
    being young, and a time after that, he thinks
    happily as he walks through the winter woods,
    hearing in the silence a woodpecker far off.
    Remembering his Chinese friend
    whose brother gave her a jade ring from
    the Han Dynasty when she turned eighteen.
    Two weeks later, when she was hurrying up
    the steps of a Hong Kong bridge, she fell,
    and the thousand-year-old ring shattered
    on the concrete. -when she told him, stunned
    and tears running down her face, he said,
    “Don’t cry. I’ll get you something better.”

    “Scheming in the Snow” by Jack Gilbert, from Collected Poems. © Knopf, 2012.

  2. Love the video. It is good to put a voice to the blog. Wish you great success on your project. Oh by the way, Are you washing Jon’s socks? He seems to be bothered by this. Lol.

  3. I just love the video Maria. It was such an honor to be “in” your studio and see your beautiful work. I know you’ve heard this over and over, but you are so inspiring. The way you speak about caring about possessions that mean so much to people reveals a sincerity that is as important as your artistic ability. Thanks also for letting us see the Grand Dame Frieda! What a pal. As a very proud pillow owner, I would also one day hope to own one of the beautiful scarves. I can’t wait until they are available. Best of luck Maria.

    Kathy P.

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