The Sound of Horse Hooves in New York City

I was falling asleep in our hotel room 14 floors above the New York City streets and heard the sound of horse hooves.  Is it possible I thought, with all the sounds on a busy city street, or  am I dreaming.

The next day we took a ride in a carriage with Christina at the reins and King pulling us.  King is  not one of the biggest horses pulling a carriage through Central Park, but he might have the biggest personality. He whinnied each time we came anywhere near another horse, letting them know he had arrived.  He reminded me of Simon,  confident and demanding attention.    Although Christina could get King to do things that I could never get Simon to do.  Like safely pull a carriage through the streets of New York and around Central Park.  I know there’s lots of controversy about the Central Park Carriage Horses, but I was impressed with the relationship between Christina and King and how they worked together.  I could feel the trust between them.   It’s a beautiful thing to see and be a part of.

And the sound of his hooves on the pavement, well, it just captivated me.

10 thoughts on “The Sound of Horse Hooves in New York City

  1. The sound of the hooves on pavement takes me back to my childhood in Lancaster County, PA, where the Amish use horses for everything. I fail to comprehend this controversy in NYC.

  2. I want to take a NYC Carriage ride, which I have never done, despite the fact that I have lived in NYC my whole life. I want to not just imagine what it was like 100 or so years ago, but to really feel it. In my imaginings, I thought about the sound of the clip clop of the horse’s hooves, but also of the view from the carriage, especially going past buildings that probably were there 100 years ago, and the view of the driver and horse in front of me…and how nice it would be to go at night and have a light snow begin to fall. Thank you for the sound on your video…I have imagined it, but it was so poetic to actually hear it, and transcends anything that I imagined. I’m sure you had a magical time, and I look forward to when I will go. I pray that the Carriages and their horses remain in NYC.

    1. I thought just what you mentioned about seeing the city and the park from the perspective of a horse drawn carriage Bea. I think it is magical and I hope you get to take a ride. Being that you’ve lived in NYC your whole life, I think you will see the City differently.

  3. Thanks for sharing one of my favorite sounds – Clip – Clop – Clip – Clop. We have Amish neighbors that we’re very good friends with and every time I hear the sound of hoof-beats, I stop what I’m doing and run to the window to see the horse and buggy go by. Riding behind a horse is one of the best things in the world.

  4. When I lived in New York City, I could often hear the sound of horses’ hooves while I was in my apartment – both the carriage horses and the mounted police. It was magical, like a good omen. And it made me wish and hope for a time when I would be able to ride and hang out with horses like I did as a kid – so now, here is that time. Dreams do come true. I’m so glad that you and Jon had fun in the city. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world.

  5. Liam Neeson was on the Daily Show tonight talking about the carriage horses in NYC. He made a good stab at supporting the horses and their owners. Too many people, including Jon Stewart, just don’t get why it’s important to let working horses continue to have jobs.

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