The Way We Were, George Forss’ Kickstarter Project Live!

George Forss just launched his  Kickstarter Project, The Way We Were.  Jon and I watched as it came up on the computer screen.  Then I ran to my computer to put in a pledge.

George wants to publish a book of his photos of New York City that he took before 911.  They capture a beauty and innocence of the City, the Twin Towers in so many of his images.  These are all photos never before published.

The more I get to know George, the more  dearer I find him and the more I appreciate his photos.  In his video, he says he takes portraits of buildings, not just photos.  I couldn’t agree more.  He also captures them in their best light. I fell in love with his image of the Empire State Building that he used on a bookmark.  It seemed more a friend than a building,  one I knew very well.

So if you’ve been following George’s work on his or Jon’s blog, or through his and Jon’s show at the Round House Cafe, then you might want to contribute to George’s project.  For a $10 pledge you’ll get regular updates, for $50 you’ll get a print of one of the photos from the book.  A $100 pledge gets a copy of The Way We Were and for $500 you’ll get one of George’s Silver Gelatin prints.

It’s so wonderful that George is once again getting the attention he deserves for his work.  Not only is he a brilliant photographer, he’s a kind and generous person too.  Click here to check out George’s Kickstarter Project.

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