What I Know

What I Know
What I Know

After doing this drawing the other day, and looking at it, I had the feeling the girl knew something, had a secret or was trying to tell me something.  It seemed to come from the stuff on the table, the piece of paper, the cup of tea, the flower and the gestures of her hands.  I just don’t know what it is.

I find I keep wanting to look at this drawing, I think it’s my favorite so far.

I usually don’t like to keep any of my work.  I love that there seems to be almost someone for everything I make.  As if I made it for them.  I don’t like looking back at what I’ve done mostly because I tend to like best the latest thing I’m working on.  Although I do have some favorites.

But I think I’ll hold onto this one, for a little while anyway.  I’m thinking, if they translate well, of making some of my drawings into note cards.   I think this will be my first one.

4 thoughts on “What I Know

  1. I love this drawing…the splash of color, the different orientations of the scenes, and the magical scenes themselves. Your drawings would be lovely as note cards, Maria.

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