Common Thread Give-a-way

“Ice Pond Barn” by Rachel Barlow

It’s the March Common Thread Give-a-way.  A day later than usual but here all the same.  This month Rachel is giving away a print of her drawing Ice Pond Barn.  The print is 8 X 10 and it’s in an 11 x 14 matt, easy to fit into a standard sized frame.

To enter the give-a-way and have a chance to win Rachel’s print, just leave a comment on  here  on her blog Picking My Battles.  (and if you’re interested in reading some often funny and always insightful writing check out the rest of Rachel’s blog and her drawings too).

Rachel will announce the winner of the contest on Friday.  Good luck everyone…..


5 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way

  1. As Rachel put it, “For the winter that won’t quit”…she sure got that right, didn’t she? Love that pop of red!

  2. Such a perfect representation of our winter, this year.
    I love the red barn against the beautiful white snow.
    Would love to have this drawing.

  3. This is a very beautiful painting. I love old barns. They always have a story in them. I am a big fan of watercolors also. Painting with watercolor is so soft and just to beautiful.

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