The 50th Person…Winner of Dancing Dogs

Jon's Minnie and Flo Notecards
Jon’s Minnie and Flo Notecards

Congratulations Becca!  You’re the 50th person to buy a pack of Jon’s Minnie and Flo Notecards.  So…..with your notecards, you’ll receive a signed and personalized copy of Jon’s book Dancing Dogs.

We still have about 40 packs of note cards left and more giveaways.  The 75th buyer will get their Minnie and Flo note cards free and the 100th buyer will get a signed copy of The Second Chance Dog.   You can click here for more details.

Now I’m off to finish my wall hanging…..


2 thoughts on “The 50th Person…Winner of Dancing Dogs

  1. Maria and Jon, I just emailed Maria that I will put a check in the mail tomorrow morning for a set of Minnie and Flo notecards. I think I’d like to put them in a photo album with my Shelties.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about the two of you lately, but I think I should like to write a letter and send it to your P.O. Box. There is something so special about letter writing; it is a lost art! That was one of the skills I tried to include when I was still teaching third graders. I hate to see letter writing, or the post office, become a thing of the past. The language of emailing is not that of letter writing. When I think about letters, I think about our great history that goes back beyond the time of the founding of our country. Thank heavens someone chose to collect the letters of our past so that those of the present could see what life was like then. Thank you to the likes of John and Abigail Adams, the Pony Express, etc. And thanks to you and Jon for your P.O. box.
    Stay warm and hugs to all the animals in your peaceable kingdom!

    1. Jane, I used to write letters all the time, but don’t anymore. I remember my art history teacher telling us to save our emails, so there will be a record of them for the future (assuming we all became famous artists).

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