White Dog in the Snow

White Dog in the Snow
White Dog in the Snow

I woke up and said it out loud, “I dreamed of a white dog in the snow”, I wanted to remember it.   Jon said I should write it down, it would make a good streaming piece, but just saying it was enough.   I didn’t remember  the dream itself, only the  words, white dog in the snow.     Then during meditation, the rest of the words came to me:

I dreamed of White Dog in the Snow.  She said Spring will come, the world will move on.  All you can do is be kind and true. 

Once in my studio, this piece came together in a burst.  I got out a  big piece of white fabric with a white embossed paisley design on it and started drawing white dogs with my sewing machine.  (one of my drawing teachers said if you want to learn how to draw something, get a big piece of brown paper and draw it a hundred times).  When I got one that looked right, I cut her out and sewed her on the snowflake fabric.  I wanted White Dog to have a dreamy feeling, and the blue fabric behind the snowflakes  seemed to do that.

The big surprise to me was using that piece of orange, black, red and white trim.  I actually didn’t think it would work, but was trying a bunch of different pieces of ribbon and fabric to go between the dog and the words.  It’s right out of the 1970’s (almost looks like a guitar strap, it’s from Laura Israel’s fabric collection) and I was sure it would be too hokey.   But it turned out to be perfect.  The border came together just as quick.  Some pieces just want to be made.

Close up of White Dog.
Close up of White Dog.

Jon posted a picture of this piece on his blog before it was done. Two people have already asked about buying it, so I think it’s already sold.  If not, I’ll be posting it again and putting it up for sale.

6 thoughts on “White Dog in the Snow

  1. Hi Maria!
    If your white dog is not sold yet I would love to buy it! It reminds me of my beautiful white golden retriever, Lucy. It is so beautiful! Let me know if it is still available.
    Mary Pontone

  2. Maria, your work is growing and getting more beautiful with each project. I think you are getting to know your inner self more each day and your work certainly reflects that. Lovely hanging..beautiful art. So fun watching your spark shine!
    Hugs to you
    Susan in Calif

  3. Maria,

    This is a beautiful wall hanging! I love the white dog, standing with the snow flake material in the background. Very pleasing to the eye! Good work. Pls. let us know if it has not sold.

  4. I love this piece and the message is perfect, what a blessing that it came to you in a dream. This is a meditation “may all beings know kindness and truth”.

  5. Dear Maria, The blues and the white are the best of winter and the best of dreams. Your stitching around the dog is so intricate it looks like hand embroidery! Annie

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