A Whole Box of Vintage Hankies for my Kickstarter Project

Vintage Hankies from Stacie
Vintage Hankies from Stacie

I just received a big box of Vintage hankies from Stacie.  She  sent me a message  about them through my Kickstarter project.   She wrote ,  “I am so excited for this project and was wondering if you would like some hankies from MN? I have had them in a box for awhile and we have used them for decoration and fun, but my 3 daughters and I have decided they would love to send you them.”

There was  also a baggie filled with white hankies in the box, a neat old flour sack and a post card with Stacie’s dogs Kira and Piper on it.   It was easy for me to imagine the fun Stacie and her daughter’s had using the hankies to decorate the house and the fun they had collecting them.  I was having that kind of fun looking through them, picturing the scarves they will become.

So thanks Stacie and thanks to everyone who has supported my Reclaiming Vintage Hankies project.  I have 15 days to go, have passed my goal and right now have a  total of $4730.00.

I’m dreaming about my new sewing machine and am gathering photos for the note cards I’ll be making to give out to people who have made pledges up to $25. I’ll also be  selling the notecards on my website. .  If I can get a good photo of it, (I should say if Jon can get a good photo of it)  I know my latest wall hanging White Dog in the Snow will be on one of those cards.

5 thoughts on “A Whole Box of Vintage Hankies for my Kickstarter Project

  1. Sweet Maria! What fun to see the hankies on your table in your home! Enjoy and know we are thinking of you~ 40 degrees maybe in MN this weekend, we have a chicken coop calling us to be cleaned..and that wall hanging of the white dog~ is beautiful! Have a laughter filled weekend!

  2. Maria,

    I love the idea of Jon taking pictures of your wall hangings, such as White Dog, and you selling the pictures as note cards. So often I have fallen in love with something, but too late to buy it – but it would be really nice, for the pieces that resonate with me, to be able to have a notecard I can frame. I agree with the person who said your work is just getting more and more wonderful. I feel like I am gettin pulled further and further into your work all the time! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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