Back in NYC

On of the photo's from CarrieMae Weems'  "Not Manet's Type"
On of the photo’s from CarrieMae Weems’ “Not Manet’s Type”

We’re in NYC again. Got to see the Carrie Mae Weems Retrospective at the Guggenheim. (Can’t get it out of my mind)  and the Martin Wong Graffiti Art Collection at the Museum of New York City. (It evoked so many memories)    Just got back from the Press Conference at the Clinton Stables, which is why we came back to New York.  Seems the horse carriage owners and drivers are finally getting their side of the story out into the press.  It was  nice to hear so many people there thank Jon for his writing about the Central Park Horses.

I planned on writing all about the trip so far, but I’m cold and tired.  We’re going to get some dinner and I have a feeling I’m going to be asleep soon after that.  I’ll have to write about it all on Monday.

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