Spring Walk

Jon and the dogs walking today.  It was 50 degrees out!
Jon , Red and Lenore walking today. It was 50 degrees out!

I spent the day doing everything I planned to do over the weekend, but didn’t do because of our trip to New York City.  It was all the business end of my work, shipping and balancing check books etc. So I didn’t make it into the studio, but did get to take a couple of walks in the spring weather we’re having. We left Frieda home for the second walk, she has a hard time lately when she walks too much.   The cats spent the day outside, and the hens sunned themselves by the side of the house and the sheep picked at the ground in the few patches where the snow melted. Lenore splashed in the puddles and for the first time in months I walked outside without being cold.  The sun is strong and the days last so long, I don’t care if it does snow tomorrow.

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