The Type of Person Who Puts Plastic Stuff in Her Flower Pots

The geranium on my windowsill
The geranium on my windowsill

Usually I pull those dead flowers off my geraniums with pleasure.  But this dead flower  has been on my geranium since it bloomed in the beginning of the winter.  It seemed such a miracle that it bloomed at all.  I had taken two plants in from outside at the end of the summer and put them both in the laundry room on top of a cabinet that barely sees the light of day, is always cold and I always forget to water.  And one of those days in December, when I did think of watering them, I saw this beautiful pink blossom.  I put the geranium in my kitchen window and when the flower died, I left it there.  That soft pink of the dried flower was a reminder of warmer days.

The other day I looked at the plant and noticed a new bud coming.  But I also noticed that I had put a plastic donkey in the flower pot.  The donkeys been there a while.  When I bought it at Tractor Supply (I can’t resist looking at all those little plastic animals,  and sometimes cave and buy one) I imagined putting it on the windowsill.  But somehow it made its way to my flower pot.  And seeing it there (as if it wasn’t me who put it there) I realized I have become one of those people who put plastic things in their flower pots.  (Completely different than putting rocks in flower pots which I’ve always done)  Now I can remember there being a time when I thought only old ladies did this.   Then, once I was at a friend’s house and gazed in wonder at the plastic carrot in one of her house plants.   That friend was 20 years younger than I am now.  But still I thought, it’s a certain kind of person who does such a thing.   And I did not see myself as that type of person.  Until the other day, when I saw the donkey in my flower pot as if for the first time.

When I think about it, it’s not that I felt the geranium wasn’t enough with out the donkey,  I think I felt the plant might want a little company, or maybe some encouragement to help make it through the winter. I have no doubt that this is a projection, but I wonder if it’s what most people are thinking who put plastic stuff in plants.  Being I’ve only been this type of person for a short time, I don’t really know.  But I have a feeling there’s more of that type of person out there.  Maybe I’ll hear from you.  (I’d like that)  If not, I guess I’ll have to just accept who I’ve become, the type of person who puts plastic stuff in her flower pot.

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  1. Maria, Although I don’t put plastic figures in my flower pots, I do put little ceramic things in them such as frogs (always have loved frogs but don’t know why)and little birds. I even have some that you can hardly see due to the foliage from an African Violet. I like the little surprise that happens when someone notices it. It has nothing to do with age ….. or maybe it does but I think of it as a kid’s thing to do. It’s just fun so keep it up.

  2. Hi Maria!
    You are not alone! Both my mom and mother-in-law put plastic and other stuff in their flower and plant pots. My mom did it as far back as I can remember. My mother-in-law was a “late bloomer” in doing this. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember and I’ve always had fun with it. I think my two best were a red rubbery plastic dinosaur you used to get out of the gumball machines and a ceramic duck head that had broken off a duck statue. I just think its a fun thing you do without really thinking too much about it. I do love your donkey though! — Vicki

  3. I found this post to be quite entertaining! Does it count if the animals in the flower pots are resin or ceramic? I lived near Lake Huron most of my life, so all of my beach treasures ended up in my plants—unique rocks, lake glass & pottery, & shells. I’ve had resin & ceramic animals in my plants—bluebird, turtle, owl, etc. Now I have a bright yellow colored butterfly with orange spots on a post stuck in the dirt, and it’s made of nylons wrapped around a wire frame. To me, that screams “old lady” more than a plastic animal, and I’m only 41-years-old. You are right, there are more of us out there! 🙂 P.S. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. I have never put a plastic animal in my flower pots, but I am always fascinated by those plastic animals in Tractor Supply! I didn’t even know Tractor Supply was nation wide! I’ve almost bought one, but then I noticed they were made in China and I’m afraid for my grandkids to touch them – maybe there is lead in them, so I pass them up. But I do have a thing for donkeys – I don’t know what exactly – maybe because they are beasts of burden, represent humility,or Jesus rode one into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and it is the season of Lent. I just can never pass them up-I bought an amazing wool felt ornament adorned with sequins a couple of Christmases ago and it still hangs on my necklace tree–I just can’t put it away. Currently I am saving my pennies for a handmade pottery piece I saw at – and yes, I am going to commission a donkey!

  5. Well it is a donkey after all. I don’t put plastic, but I do put in fanciful stakes. I used to have some little bugs and butterflies, but they were cheaply made and fell apart after a couple of years. I have a really silly bird that was a gift and makes me smile when I see him. And I have a little sitting up rabbit that is metal. Oh, and some flowers. That are in my flower pots. With plants that get flowers. Maybe I’ll see if Tractor Supply has any more donkeys! 🙂

  6. does it have to be only plastic? I put wooden and ceramic in as well… and if there weren’t many of us, there wouldn’t be all those cute little things to put in your dirt that they sell at the nursery, right?????

  7. Plastic stuff, ceramic, glass, stones, crystals, whatever strikes me. It’s like creating a little fairy landscape.

  8. yes, yes, yes, guilty as charged – pots are there to be filled, with whatever seems to go with the plant/pot/place where it sits…marbles, toys from the kids who lived in this house before us, little leftovers from Xmas, easter eggs, the list goes on. But plastic carrot or donkey? Nuh, that sounds just toooooo weird 🙂 LoL!

  9. I really like miniature scenes like your sister’s tiny gardens. This donkey under a”flowering tree” reminds me of hers.

  10. I am another! lol I have a plastic dinosaur, a rabbit, a horse ~ each adventuring amid my (few) plants. In fact in the summer months they have been known to be spotted amid the tomato, pepper and sunflower plants. (I chat with them when watering and weeding in those wonderous summer months)…

    I’m glad to have met another plastic animal in the pot(s) person Maria!


  11. I laughed out loud at the line about thinking only old ladies did this. I grew up living next to my grandmother, who always had plastic critters in her pots – usually cats. So it’s something I’ve always done and I’m now of the age she was then. My preference is frogs, but there’s been a Yoda and E.T. , an armadillo and a tiger, among others. All depends on the plant.

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