hey 2

I really meant to make some potholders today, I owe some people a few in trades, or I was going to start working on a quilt, one of my commissions, but  then I started making this girl, with the spiral on her dress and all that talk about identity….well, this is what happened.  I’m obviously still working on it, but I’m done for the day.  Wanted to get my blogging and email in before the ice storm gets too bad.  There’s a good chance the electric will go out.  Seems to happen to us a lot these days.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this tomorrow.  I still have some decisions to make about the border, as you can see. This piece came directly out of my seeing the Carrie Mae Weems Retrospective and my trip to Gee’s Bend.  But I’ll have to write more about that tomorrow, or maybe later, if the lights stay on.

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