Four Pregnant Sheep

Jon's photo
Jon’s photo of Red holding the sheep while Zelda watches Suzy getting an Ultra Sound

Zelda, Ma, Suzy and Socks are all pregnant.  Needless to say Zelda gave us the hardest time when we held her to do an ultrasound, but she settled down enough for the Vet to see that she’s due within the next couple of weeks. The rest of the sheep, are all  due around mid April.  One of the reasons I scheduled my trip to Gee’s Bend was so I would be here for lambing.  Looks like the timing will work out fine.

The Ultasounds were quick and easy.  The Vet pointed out to me, on the small screen, the edge of the sheep’s uterus, the fluid (a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember)  and a long white shape indicating bone in  Zelda’s lamb.  Then he gave them all vitamin shots.

This is my first time lambing and it feels good to have an idea when the lambs will be coming.  This way we can keep an eye out for signs when it’s getting close to the lambs being born.  Zelda’s belly dropping is a sure sign, and in the beginning of April, I’ll be looking to see this happen with the rest of the sheep.

After the belly dropping the next thing to look for is when the sheep “bag up”.  This means the utters drop and are very visible.  Apparently, the lamb comes shortly after this happens.  Most often sheep give birth in the night.  The Vet said, this is because they are prey animals and it’s the safest time for the lambs to come.

This weekend we’ll get a stall cleaned out and bedded with straw to prepare for Zelda lamb.  They will stay there together for a few days, bonding in a safe, dry place.  Well also get some Sheep grain and mineral salts. We have vitamins and Iodine for when the lamb is born.

It’s still cold with snow and ice on the ground.  Hopefully it will warm up by the time Zelda’s lamb is born.  But we’ll be ready for it either way.  I’m glad most of the lambs will be coming in April, it’s sure to be warmer by then.

8 thoughts on “Four Pregnant Sheep

  1. Yea! How exciting and how nice to be so prepared ahead of time. Nothing cuter and more satisfying than healthy newborn lambs. I hopefully have 4 ewes due in May – love it!

  2. So exciting! Can’t wait to see some photos of newborn lambs taken with Jon’s new camera! (Of which I am insanely jealous! However, I am still trying to learn how to utilize all the settings on my current Canon, and until I do that, I can’t justify the expense of a new and better camera to myself.) And I am sure you will make some amazing and beautiful art with all this wool!

  3. Hi Maria,
    Just wanted to say I received my kitty (& Red, chickens, etc.) note cards. You did such a good job choosing the photos! This is nothing less than beautiful art on a small canvas. Thanks so much! Enjoy your trip to Gee’s Bend.

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