Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale (except the one I’m saving for myself))

Switzerland 1964 Scarf (Keeping this one for myself)

When I made the video I used in my Kickstarter Project, I had four scarves hanging in my studio.  I talked about each one.  I edited most of that out, I think the only one in that was in the video was the one above.  Besides all the other really pretty hankies in this scarf, there are two from Switzerland.  One is a map (you can see it on the right) and the other is 4 or 5 figures, that one has the date 1964 on it.

With all the scarves I’ve made, I never thought of making one for myself.  I’m not sure why.  But there’s something about this scarf that appeals to me.  It’s not the colors as much as the way it hangs.  And I like the funkiness (is that a word?) of the map and people. So I’ve decided to keep this one for myself.  Anyway, what better advertising  than to be walking around in one of my own scarves.

I still have the three other scarves from the video.  And those are for sale.   Sold. They are $45 + $7 shipping in the US ($11 shipping to Canada).  If you see one you like, just let me know here or at [email protected].   I take paypal and checks.

Purple Scarf
Purple Scarf (Sold)

Purple Scarf seems just right to me for the Spring.   It’s all about flowers in shades of different purples.

Ah Spring!

Waterfall Scarf
Waterfall Scarf (Sold)

This is one of my Waterfall Scarves.  Kim, who helps me assemble my potholders and scarves, (who is healing very well from her shoulder surgery)  came up with the name for them.  She said they hang like a waterfall.  I thought the name describes them perfectly.  I came up with this design because I had so many hankies which were all white except for an embroidered flower or initial or other image in one corner.  Layering the hankies in this way best shows the embroidery.  This scarf has two souvenir hankies from Washington State in it.  You can see one of them, a map on the bottom left hankie .

Brown and Red Scarf
Brown and Red Scarf (Sold)

When I design a scarf, I lay the hankie flat out on the floor.  But of course, when you wear a scarf, its draped around your neck and the colors need to work together in a different way, than when it’s laid out straight.  It try to put the simpler hankies around the neck area, where they are less likely to be seen.  Then I think of making the ends have something in common.  I often try to stagger the colors and patterns to keep them balanced throughout the scarf.  I happen to love the colors in this scarf.  The browns and reds together and the pale yellows at the ends.  The hankie on the left with the orange and red leaves is one of my favorites.

I have 8 days left for my Reclaiming Vintage Hankies Kickstarter Project.  I already have $4955.  I would once again like to thank everyone who has supported me so far.  The project has raised both money and hankies.  This weekend I’ll be washing and sorting though some of those hankies.  What fun!  I’ll be sure to share it with you.

14 thoughts on “Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale (except the one I’m saving for myself))

  1. Would like to buy the purple scarf. If it is still for sale let me know. Thanks. have done business before so you have my info

  2. Maria – I would like to purchase the Brown and Red Scarf. Please advise- I wouldpaybycheck.Thankyou.

  3. Soooo beautiful. I’d love to buy the waterfall scarf. It is so beautiful and delicate. It will be a wonderful addition for spring and summer especially.
    Waiting to see Zelda’s lambs. How fun will that be?! Are all the lambs going back to the farm on Vermont, or will some be staying with you and Jon?
    Everyday is filled with interesting tidbits, facts, stories and feelings from Bedlam Farm. I love it.

    1. Jane, I’ll email you about the scarf. Thanks. And we’re planning on keeping probably 3 lambs and sending the rest back to Vermont. We’ll have to see how many are born. It’s not unusual to have twins.

  4. I plan to mail you about 50 hankies. I just have to sort them out and keep the “meaningful” ones for myself. They are all washed but I want to iron them first. I will let you know when I mail them. I just received the 4 pk/notecards which I love, so I have your address.
    Joan from Wisconsin

    1. Well, thanks Joan. I’ll look forward to getting them. You don’t have to iron them too, I can do that. And I’ll pay the shipping. Thanks Again,

  5. The hankie scarves I have made are all of the Waterfall style–with a handful of pastel plain ones thrown in too. I and family members love them all.

    My beautiful cat cards arrived yesterday–beginning to feel that I may keep them all–maybe one to my daughter. She and her family would love to have cats but they vanish immediately in the Central Texas woods which surround them, victims to coyotes or foxes, so that not even a single stray or feral cat has ever appeared at their doorstep. So they make do with dogs–down to two at present as they do try to find homes for the ones that her husband sometimes has to pick up, as a volunteer fireman and paramedic.

    1. Nice to hear you’re making scarves Erika. I bet they’re beautiful. And glad you like the cards. Hope your daughter likes the one you send her too.

  6. I can not WAIT to buy a few for my daughters and loved ones… those are so unique and beautiful and reasonably priced! Vintage at this price? I won’t be so late at the gate next time… Wow. Wish I had seen this before now! You are a beautiful artist.

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