Ironing Hankies

Jon helping me iron hankies
Jon helping me iron hankies

The boxes were piling up all over the house.  Boxes and envelopes filled with Vintage  hankies and linens.   My plan was to get them all washed and sorted. HA!  Well, that didn’t happen.  In between hankies we had lunch with  Donna and George at the Round House and did some errands. But I did get a lot done and partly thanks to Jon.  He told me how he used to iron with his grandmother.  Shirts mostly, before steam irons, so he used a spay bottle.   That must have been the fun part for a little boy.

Instead of hanging the hankies on the line to dry, I hand washed them in the sink then spun them in the washing machine.  This way they come out just damp enough to iron all the wrinkles out and they dry as I (or Jon)  iron them.

We got two batches of really colorful hankies done and one batch of white ones.  I piled the remaining three boxes of hankies and linens in the dining room and remembered that I have plenty of time to go through them.  I just get a bit overwhelmed sometimes, looking at those hankies everyday and thinking they’re waiting for me to get to them.

But, really, going through them and seeing each one is as fun as designing the scarves.  You never know what you’re going to find.  One of the special hankies I came across today was this spotted one with the Kats signature and little cat head.  It’s well worn and faded, obviously someone’s favorite.

hankie Kats


11 thoughts on “Ironing Hankies

  1. That photo is so darn cute! I used to beg to iron flat pieces when I was a kid, still like to iron. And I remember the spritzing too.

  2. May it continue to rain Hankies and Jon ironing thinking of his grandmother. What a lovely time for you both.

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