50th Birthday Gift Giving

The Wall hanging that I'm making for Karen's Birthday present.
The Wall hanging that I’m making for Karen’s Birthday present.

Looks like there’s some trouble with my blog, my pictures aren’t uploading.  Hope to have it all fixed soon!


I look at pieces like this wall hanging, after I’ve designed it, and I can’t imagine how it all came together.  I look at it and can wonder how and why, but know I wouldn’t change a thing.

I made this piece of Karen Heenan.  She and I both celebrated our 50th Birthday in January and decided to exchange gifts.   We’re going to meet each other in person for the first time this June.  She’s been following my blog and I’ve been following hers for about a year now.   I’ve written about her  before and I really admire her work.  Karen quit her job last year to follow her dream of selling what she sews (using lots of recycled material).  She had two blogs Useful and Beautiful which was about her work and Sewing by the Seat of my Pants, which was about her life.   Now she’s combined the two and kept the name Sewing by the Seat of my Pants, so you can read about her work and her life (which is loaded with her cats along with her husband who is good enough to model the clothes she makes him).

Karen was more timely about getting me my birthday gift and I’ll post a picture of it along with the wall hanging when it’s all done.

I used the hankie with the black cats on it in her piece that I posted on facebook yesterday.    I actually think that may have been the thing that inspired me to finally get started on Karen gift.

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