Washing and Ironing Vintage Hankies

I have 69 hours to go on my Kickstarter Project Reclaiming Vintage Hankies.  Not only have I gotten money above my goal, but I also  received  many hankies for the project.   So thank you all!  As always, I promise to use them well.

Here’s some of those Vintage Hankies I washed and ironed today.  These especially caught my eye….

yellow and orange flowers

Spring Flowers

flowersThis one says: Bow With Pretty Flowers

pink warrior2Pink Warrior ( I think)

white on whiteWhite on white



pink with edge 1

These two are sisterspink with edge 2

6 thoughts on “Washing and Ironing Vintage Hankies

  1. Isn’t it interesting? The variety is overwhelming. Looking at these I notice how different each one is. They remind me of my grandmother and my beloved Aunt Sylvia. As a child, I always bought presents for every member of my family and, since I didn’t have a lot to spend, I had to shop wisely. For my aunt and my grandmother, the gift was always a beautiful embroidered hankie. Usually it was something embroidered in flowers and I always seemed to find one or two with beautiful lavender, mauve, pink or purple flowers. Pansies were a favorite, and those colors were the ones they loved most. I still have a few that I saved when they passed away. Believe it or not, I even have a few that belonged to my dad. I use these hankies occasionally and I always look at them and remember who the owner was. It is one of my links to the past. The sad thing is that I don’t see hankies in the stores anymore.
    You are collecting, preserving and creating with these beauties from the past. I guess that means that the saying, “The roots of the present are deep in the past.” Thank you for preserving the past in such a wonderful and creative way.
    Jane Mintz

  2. I’ve been following on my iPhone (usually don’t comment as so many of my attempts get “lost” in space. I am so excited for your success in raising money and the scarves are fascinating. You will make wonderful art.

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