Fully Funded, Thank You!

hankies on line

Just 3 more minutes I yelled to Jon from the living room.  He was at his computer in his office.  It’s counting down he yelled back.  I watched the numbers run backwards 83…82…81…  I went into Jon’s office  so we could watch the count down together and he was getting out of his chair thinking the same thing. 10…9…8…  and then 0.  My Kickstarter project Reclaiming Vintage Hankies was fully funded and then some.  Thanks to all of you I got a total of $5,315.00, the last pledge coming in just minutes before it ended.   Wow!  Thank You!

Next week Jon and I will make a trip to Heirloom Sewing in Glens Falls to buy my new sewing machine.  I’ll drop my old machine off to be cleaned (which it needs badly).  I think we’ll have a celebration dinner out too.

Then it’s to work.  Kim just let me know she’s ready to start sewing scarves again, healing nicely from her shoulder surgery.   I’ll be making 17 scarves, 25 potholders (using pieces of torn hankies )  and  printing up a bunch of note cards.  I’ll also finish washing and ironing (with Jon’s help, of course) and sorting the rest of the hankies.

I want to thank everyone for your support, weather in pledges, hankies, or good wishes.  I’ll be writing about it all here on my blog and in my Kickstarter updates.   Hope you’ll continue following along.

7 thoughts on “Fully Funded, Thank You!

  1. How wonderful!! And I love the SPRING photo you put up, Maria. A count down to a new wonderful phase of your creative and loving life. Annie
    P.S. The poem and wall hanging of “Your Moon is Full” is so meaningful, thank you for all the beautiful encouraging work you do!

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