Where I’m going, Where I’ve been

Where I'm going, Where I've been
“Where I’m going, Where I’ve been”

I’m thinking about note cards of my drawings.  I made this drawing a couple of days ago.  I think it could make it into the note card pack.

I also want to make note cards from some of my wall hangings.  I’m just not sure if they’ll reproduce well enough and if the sizes will work.  I’ll use some of the money  from Kickstarter to print the cards.  They will go to some of the backers of the project and I’ll sell the rest.

Years ago I made note cards of some of my quilts.  I only had a few packs and I think I gave most of them away.  At that time I didn’t think anyone would want to buy them.  I don’t even know if I posted them for sale on my website.  Guess I’ve changed.  I can imagine these cards being something people would want and will be willing to pay for them.  I believe it enough to make them and try and sell them.  In the past I would have been embarrassed at the possibility of failing.  Don’t know what happened, but I’m not even thinking of it not working out.  And if it doesn’t…well… then I’ll have a lot of note cards.  There are worse things than that, like not trying at all.

5 thoughts on “Where I’m going, Where I’ve been

  1. Maria,

    What a wonderful idea for note cards! I love your drawings, they allow my mind to wonder and create my own story. Go for it! I’m in for some note cards when they go on sale!


  2. Maria, putting your drawings on notecards is a wonderful idea. I, for one, would want to buy a set, or two. Your creativity knows no bounds, and I’m proud to share in that. I would love to have them as they woud be a part of my Wulf/Katz collection of photos, notecards, scarves and books. I point to everything that you and Jon create with much pride of ownership. Don’t hesitate to try this new venture. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!!!
    I hope the cold weather leaves you all soon. I feel for Simon in the cold. I know he has yours and Jon’s love and friendship to keep him warm.

  3. That’s the spirit: “There are worse things than that, like not trying at all.” A lesson to take to heart. I love your drawings and think they’ll do well as note cards, Maria.

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