Witching Hour

drawing todayBoy did I crash this afternoon.   Not sure what happened, maybe a sugar thing.  I’m beginning to think 3am and 3pm are the real Witching Hours.  Perfect head for doing a drawing though.  Maybe I’ll add some color later or tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Witching Hour

  1. Maria, I am interested in buying this piece if it is still available. I can’t wait to see this finalized. Sarah

  2. Maria, looking at this I thought “girl balancing her upside down world”. All the elements in the picture are perfect in themselves- but like life- can be hard to balance one element with each other and give each its place- hence the upside down images. But there is that girl in the middle with a smile on her face and a big heart balancing all that beauty in her world. Not your interpretation I know, just how your art speaks to me.

  3. Maria, just wanted to say that this used to happen to me. About 2 PM I would be ready to go to bed. I mentioned it to someone and they said I might need B vitamins and Magnesium. I am now taking Mega Food Balanced B Complex. I got these from Whole Foods but I’m sure they are other places. I was out of them for a few days and really could tell. I will not run out again! I hope I don’t sound like an ad or anything. I just know they work for me.

    I love all the “new” hankies you’ve been getting and look forward to seeing them all made into scarves! You sure are a busy lady.

  4. And to Joe, you must be a pilot. Sounds like my husband…a pilot for over fifty years now though retired but still flying.
    SandyP in Canada

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