Mud Season

Freida and her muddy feet
Freida and her muddy feet

Suddenly it’s Mud Season.  Yesterday there was three inches of ice that ran  from the back door to my studio door.  Today, there’s more mud than ice.  As Freida and I splashed through the puddles, I thanked Mother Nature that it was rain, not snow that fell from the sky.   And when Freida got her muddy footprints on my clean rug, I admired the mark they left.  I’ve never been so happy to see so much mud.

3 thoughts on “Mud Season

  1. Look how dainty her paw is ! This photo is so sweet. Calming after last nights earthquakes….we are close to E-center…not fun. Restless night. The mud-print is a work of art. Makes me smile and forget my nerves.
    Thanks for sharing. Virginia in shakey CA.

  2. You are a true artist, I might look at those muddy paws and think “mess” now I have another way to see it. Also I think the photo of Frieda’s paw is quite lovely and touching.

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