My Brain Is Bad

bad brain

Once again Jon scooped me on posting my latest piece of art.  This time its a potholder and our stories about how it came about differ as you might imagine.  I will not give into the idea that just because someone says something first it’s the truth. (ya know like kids running to mom to snitch on each other).  If you haven’t read Jon’s version yet, you can read it here.  (although you may want to read my version first. )

It’s true that I ran into the house (being chased by the wind) saying My Brain Is Bad! But all that stuff about being normal (or not) and Frankenstein, well, I don’t see how that comes into it. I mean, what’s normal anyway?

And since I wasn’t complaining about my brain, only stating a fact, I know he didn’t  suggest I stop complaining about my brain – which is, quite obviously damaged and warped, and put it to good use.  Because that would have really pissed me off and well, this story would probably have a different ending.  I do recall Jon quietly asking “Is that a streaming piece?”  when I said the words My brain is bad.  So I will give him credit for putting the idea in my head to make a Bad Brain Potholder.  Also, I did not “storm” out of the house, I walked thoughtfully back to my studio, patiently asking Jon to latch the door behind me so the near hurricane winds that have been battering our house since last night would not blow the door off its hinges.

And although it’s true that making and selling my work makes me happy there are other things that make me happy too, like chocolate covered macaroons from the Round House Cafe, and walks with Lenore in the woods, which I would not be doing naked today because of the wind.

I do however appreciate Jon’s compliment that my Bad Brain Potholder “is both accurate and quite wonderful.”

Anyway, it’s seems I’m not alone with my bad brain.  The women at the Round House Cafe understood when I told them about it and I just got an email from Syl saying of the Potholder  “I neeeeeeed one!!!  :)”.

So you’d think after all that positive reinforcement my brain would have done a back flip and would be telling me all good things instead of telling me all the bad things that got us here today.  And though my lips are smiling, my brain is still insisting on being a bad brain.  But now the words  are  beginning to run  together like nonsense…. so there’s hope.  Hope that the bad brain goes good.

37 thoughts on “My Brain Is Bad

  1. Hey, MY brain is bad, too! It is very badly behaved. It goes to the bad place much too willingly and then will not leave. I am glad to know I am not alone in that. And I would have gotten pissed if my guy said what Jon said, so you are not alone in that. But what is a streaming piece?

    P.S. I did read your version first. 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna, for reading my piece first, not that it matter of course…..
      And my streaming pieces are well, they’re a bunch of images sewn onto a surface with words. They are somewhat spontaneous, I stitch what comes to me. If you click on my Pinterest you can see some.

  2. I would love a pot holder like this with a wild haired woman. I like the zombie chickens, too. The fancy stitching is amazing. I don’t sew, but enjoy making beaded jewelry as a hobby. With 5 granddaughters, I need lots of gifts.

    Please let me know how I can order one of your potholders. It may never touch a pot, but will on display in the kitchen. Your blog is fun. Please don’t ever stop creating. Former upstate New Yorker. Valeria

    1. Valeria, I’ll let you know if I make more, as I said they are fun and cathartic. Thanks and I bet you have fun making that jewelry for all your granddaughters.

  3. Maria,
    You and Jon make my day so many times in a week. Thank you for your wonderful gifts to this world.

  4. My mom was a writer, and when I called her on using words that implied something a bit other than what actually happened, she would claim that it was “poetic license.” The added emphasis and drama made it more interesting. So this gave me a chuckle after reading both versions.

  5. Maria, you’ve just given me fresh language to use when my brain goes bad. I am in the aftermath of a creative focus and cannot get my arse or my mind into another piece of creative work for the life of me. Not yet. So now, I can put it into words. Thank you. Nor can I imagine you wafting through your woods in your birthday suit, not quite your style, I should think.
    SandyP in what is finally a warm sunny day in Southern Ontario, Canada

  6. Maria:
    If you choose to make more of them I do indeed need a “My brain is bad” potholder!
    Thank you for considering!

  7. If your brain is BAD, then I want some!!!
    And Jon was probably having a journalistic flashback, putting SPIN on the story 🙂

  8. Hi Maria: You are speaking to me today. If the “My brain is bad!” potholder is available I’d very much like to purchase it. Or another like it if you are so inclined. (My brain is bad on more than just one day!).

    Love your work.
    Who knew the humble potholder could speak volumes.

    Marcia Love

    1. The Humble Potholder Speaks Volumes. Wow Marcia what a great line. I might have to use that someday and credit you of course.
      And I’ll let you know about the potholder….

  9. See, that’s the problem with men. (Well, one of the problems . . .)

    You make a simple factual statement (“My brain is bad!”) and a man immediately concludes you’re presenting a problem for a solution. His solution.

    My mother cured my father of this, and thereafter he would only say “Okey dokey.”

  10. Bad Brain turns out to be the Smart Brain who busted the creative writing Brain….what a fun day you gave us all ! Thanks to the Very Creative Couple !!! xo

  11. You could do a mixed package of note cards….MY BRAIN IS BAD and ZOMBIE CHICKENS. Can’t blame me for trying??? I love what you come up with when your brain is bad!

  12. My mind (read brain) is like a bad neighborhood, I don’t want to go there alone. – Annie Lamont

  13. Maria,

    This potholder is so awesome that you could mass produce it and get rich on it! (I know that’s not your goal, but if you are looking to start a line of Maria’s Magic Potholders, this is one you’ve got to include!)

    Keep on streaming!

  14. You are hilarious and every piece of your art makes me smile. Can’t wait to purchase note cards and add a pillow to what will become my collection. I still see something new almost every time I look at my drawing. Thanks, your whimsical bad brain is amazing:)

    Kathy P.

    Zombie chickens……….come on, how funny is that? VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I love the creative pieces that come from your “bad brain!”
    You bring a smile to my face, when you post this kind of piece, because I can so relate to what you are feeling.
    You and your work are so special… thank you.

  16. Hi Maria – if you make more “my brain is bad” potholders, I definitely want one. I’d put mine up at work, though, to give my colleagues something to think about when they come into my office!


  17. Oh! Yes, I have seen some of your streaming pieces. Those are great. I did not realize that there was a name for it–I like it.

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