Raven and Vortex

rav or

I saw this during a massage today.  The girl has a raven sitting on one hand and there will be a vortex coming from her other hand.  I saw her flower breasts and their stems going down her legs into the earth.

I’d write more about it, but I want to get some of it sewn together before I have to leave to pick Jon up from the train station.  He’s in NYC today talking to the Carriage Drivers.

Zelda’s been resting a lot while the other sheep graze.  She’s always close by them, and still watching, just not on her feet as much.

rav or detail

6 thoughts on “Raven and Vortex

  1. Hi Maria!
    Love the colors & images…what a creative brain you have! (even if it IS bad sometimes)…Happy Thursday,

  2. Hi Maria: If you decide to sell Raven and Vortex, please let me know. I am so taken with the design already – stopped me cold in my tracks. It has great meaning for me. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am beginning therapy after my 2nd surgery (this coming Monday). I think you can tell where I’m going with this and why I relate so much to this design. All of this has happened so quickly and my description to friends of what has been happening is that I feel caught up in a vortex, yet strangely grounded. I have wise people who are working with me and providing care. My friends, too, keep me grounded and send positive energy. And my work – not just what I do professionally, but my reading, knitting, spinning, etc. – all help me stay firmly planted. I know I’m in for a bit of a haul, but I also know that before too long, I will come through this and be well. The colors are “me” and the direction in which you’re headed with this is remarkable. I’d be interested to know what Vortex and Raven means to you and how you came to see it…

    You do amazing things!


    1. Sue, I’m sorry to hear that you have breast cancer. It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and lots of support. I’m sending you healing thoughts also. I’ll email you.

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