Raven And Vortex

Raven and Vortex
Raven and Vortex

Although different parts of my body often ache from all the sewing I do and from life in general, when I get a massage it is rarely focused on my physical body.  Mandy (who I meet for lunch along with our friend Athena every Wednesday) is a Massage Therapist and Energy Worker.   I rarely go to see her and say my back hurts or my wrists hurt, I’m more likely to say I have a bad brain.  Which is just what I said to her this week, as you can imagine.  I also felt like I had a hang over, not because I was drinking the night before, but because I had been up since 2am.  I honestly don’t remember everything we talked about, but I do remember laying on my back while Mandy rang chimes and lit sage and passed it over my body (I think it was sage, my eyes were closed, but it smelled like sage) and then seeing the girl with the raven on one hand and a vortex coming from the palm of her other hand.   It as dusk or dawn and she stood on top of Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. The moon over her left shoulder.  And even though it was the desert, her breasts were flowers and the stems reached down her legs and out the bottom of her feet into the earth.   It felt like powerful like magic.  I remember thinking at first the raven was a crow then somehow seeing it was Raven.

I’m not really sure what this piece means.  I can see looking at it after making it that there is lots of up-down movement.  A connection between the earth and sky.  When I looked up the meaning of Raven, I found again and again it was trickster and messenger.

The vortex has been a symbol of magical power for me since I dreamed of one years ago.  In that dream me and two other women (who were my mother and sister in my dream) held hands on the front porch of my house  just outside the front door, which was open.  We circled around (like playing Ring Around the Rosie) creating a vortex in the middle of our circle.   It felt like we were witches casting a spell or performing a ritual. Although I didn’t know the meaning of it, it felt really powerful.    When I woke up the front door to my house was wide open.

I’ve since read that a vortex can be seen as a portal between worlds.  Not unlike the tornado in the Wizard of Oz.  I’m still not sure about the meaning of my Raven and Vortex vision, but it feels like something outside of myself and connected to me at the same time.  Mystical and mysterious for sure.  Something I’ll always remember and one day might even understand.

This wall hanging is sold.

raven and vortex done detail

6 thoughts on “Raven And Vortex

  1. Oh Maria!! You’ve already created it! It’s wonderful. Exactly like you described, and so much more as well. Your work is so powerful. So healing. Just like you. Jon posted a photo of you on the last patch of ice in your yard and I thought, “she looks exactly as she does in her artwork.”. Raven Vortex Woman

  2. I love it, Maria…you have a spiritual connection with your massage therapist and I totally ‘got it’. I had one with my former massage therapist of many years but she’s doing other types of work…which is not as hard on her hands as she’s in her fifties or so, now. I see her once a month for Polarity Therapy (energy balancing) and I drop into a state of half awareness and hearing myself snore. Last time I had to go twice because I had a ‘bad brain’ (now I have a word for it). She did some cranial sacral (sp) work on my head. A lot of people think of massage as a luxury, I consider it part of my in-house health programme….Did your ‘bad brain’ energy shift or not, after your treatment?
    SandyP in S.Ontario, Canada where is is….SNOWING again.

    1. It did shift Sandy. I’ve never tried sacral cranial work but am interested in it. And yes Mandy helps keep me sane or saner anyway. Sorry to hear about the snow. I’m sending you some of our sunshine and blues skies…..

  3. Just find the colors and patterns striking. Have always found ravens/crows magical. Just beautiful and powerful work!

  4. The Raven is probably your spirit animal. If you haven’t already, you might want to research it a little to check out the meaning and symbolism.

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