“Tree Woman” and Other Drawings For Sale

Tree Woman
Tree Woman (Sold)

The idea for Tree Woman came to me when I went for a walk with Lenore in the woods.  I came across a giant hollowed out tree with just two branches coming from it’s trunk.  I was able to sit comfortably inside it and lean my back against it’s insides.  As I sat there I imagined that I was seeing what the tree sees.  There was a calm that came with sitting in that tree, as if there was nothing to do but be there and see.


Floating on Flowers
Floating on Flowers

Floating On Flowers is about the feeling that the change of seasons from Winter to Spring brings me.  It’s about leaving my interior  place of comfort and gravitating towards the unknown.  The feeling of freedom  that comes with shedding the layers of cumbersome winter clothes and heading out on a walk whose destination is uncertain.

Cradling My Love
Cradling My Love (Sold)

 Cradling My Love is about self-love.  Understanding the power that comes when we can truly love ourselves.  The power to share that love which is like no other love.  It comes with knowing and trusting and believing in ourselves.

These three drawings are for sale.   Tree Woman and Cradling My Love are sold, but Floating On Flowers is still available. They are pencil on archival paper,  12″x 9″.    They are $25 + $7 shipping.  If you see one that speaks to you and would like it, you can contact me here or at [email protected].  I take checks or paypal.

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  1. I am somewhat perturbed about Zelda–none of my business, but maybe time for your vet to give her the once over? I guess she is not the kind of splacid heep who will let you squeeze her teats to see if they are comp[etely ready for birthing –with the was plug to go!

  2. Thank you very much for replying to my impertinence–you are a big-hearted woman. I think some of the photos threw me…and my typos can’t have helped; put it down to me being a 77 year old busybody! I hope that you are having a beautiful day.

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