Peaceable Bedlam

donkey and hensWay back last fall, after Susan and her husband came to our Open House, she asked me if I would make her a quilt with some of the animals from Bedlam Farm on it.  I said yes and she sent me a bunch of fabric to use in the quilt.   Susan’s quilt is one of the commissions that I took on before I decided not to do anymore commissions.  It took me a while to get to it, but I finally started it last week.   I really had to wait for this one to come around.  Because of all the “drawing” I was doing for it, my head had to be in the right place.

I made four panels thinking of Bedlam Farm as the Peaceable Kingdom, which is what Susan experienced when she visited at the Open House.  I can see why she did too. Except for those incidents now and again (that mostly have to do with the male animals and the cats keeping the farm clear of mice and voles) the farm is pretty peaceable on a day to day basis.  And during the open houses, when everyone is getting lots of food and attention, it’s especially peaceable.

Now that I have the panels done, I’ll start designing the quilt.

flo and hen

hens on sheep

red and sheep

14 thoughts on “Peaceable Bedlam

  1. I love your images of the farm, Maria.
    They bring a smile to my day. The quilt will be beautiful, and special.

  2. Well done, Maria. I’m sure it is much more challenging to fulfill someone else’s idea than to just let the ideas flow from your own “bad” brain:-)

  3. Oh Maria so beautiful! The sun is fantastic and I love the chickens riding on the backs of the sheep and donkey! FUN STUFF!

  4. I love every one of these, but my favorite is the donkey eating the apple from the tree. Your farm animals are whimsical and fun ~ I just love seeing them flow from your sewing machine and your mind.

  5. Oh, Maria, I LOVE IT!!!! Either you got into my brain, or I got into yours, these panels are perfect, exactly what I was thinking.

  6. Hi Maria
    The panels are great!! Especially like the wine bottle & glasses 😉
    Susan should be thrilled! Good work!

  7. I really like the title of the post; what a great contrast.

    The sun is gorgeous. Do you use a special sort of sewing machine to get such smooth curvy lines in such a small space?

  8. I love these scenes Maria…reminding us of the beauty of friendship, sharing food and drink, and being outside. Love!

  9. These are great Maria, they have such personality, if that makes sense. They seem to be telling a sweet story.

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