Scrambling to Cincinnati

Minnie and Flo getting along, for the moment anyway.
Minnie and Flo getting along, for the moment anyway.

It was a mad rush to the airport.  Somehow, dates and times got mixed up and at 12:45 Jon and I found ourselves scrambling around so he could catch a 2:45 plane to Cincinnati.  I threw some of Jon’s clothes in a suitcase (luckily Jon’s wardrobe is limited to jeans, khaki pants and a bunch of the same blue shirts, makes packing real easy) and made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (lunch was cooking on the stove and the chickens would have pasta for dinner) for him to eat on the way, while he got the rest of his stuff together.  I drove a bit faster than usual and we got to the airport in just over an hour.   As I drove home, Jon called and let me know he was on the plane, despite the  long lines at security.   I relaxed knowing he was on his way.

Jon’s speaking at the Animals for Life Foundation in Ohio.  We marveled at the timing of the talk.  Last year when he agreed to be the Keynote Speaker he wasn’t even thinking about the Horses and Carriage Drivers in Central Park.  But tonight, at a private dinner he’ll be reading his poem  First They Came For The Horses.   The Animals for Life Foundation is dedicated to treating animals with dignity and respect and the benefits of the relationship between humans and animals working and living together.  Just what Jon been focusing on with the Central Park Horses.

Jon will be back late Wednesday night.  So when you go on his blog later or tomorrow and see the same thing you saw at  12 noon  today, that why.   But I’m sure you’ll hear all about it on Thursday.

And I’ll be home taking care of things here and hoping Zelda doesn’t choose tonight to give birth.  But if she does, I’ll be ready.  Jon and I went over what needs to be done and our neighbors Kim and Jack are on 24 hour call to help if I need them.

You would think with all the animals we have the house wouldn’t seem so quiet.  Guess I’m missing Jon already.

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  1. I’ll be seeing Jon at the conference tomorrow. I’m excited about meeting him and hearing his talk. I loved reading Second Chance Dog from the library and will be getting my own copy at the Foundation tomorrow:)


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