Blame it on the green juice

Wood pecker tree in the woods behind the farm
Wood pecker tree in the woods behind the farm, which has nothing to do with a juice fast.

Right now, I’m thinking instead of a three day juice fast, a one day juice fast is good enough.  That would mean tomorrow morning when I get up I can have a fresh egg sandwich on Round House whole wheat bread with a fruit bowl and cup of tea.

We have books piled up all over the house and they don’t bother me a bit.  And being I’m not a librarian, I’d probably put all those books on the wrong shelf anyway.

Ok maybe I’m not making any sense, blame it on all that green juice.  My brain stopped working hours ago.


10 thoughts on “Blame it on the green juice

  1. Ha! Maria you just made me laugh out loud!! I tried to do a juice fast in February and only got one day done…..i do not think it is good for my mental health! Love your work, your blog, and your spirit!!

  2. Are you saying it isn’t normal to have books stacked up everywhere? Or that it should bother someone ? Oh dear. ha ha I just think of them as my tresures all around me. Oh and one day on the juice sounds perfect ! Enjoy the Roundhouse special ! Yummmm. xo

  3. One day of anything restricting nature’s bounty sounds good enough! With the coming of spring enjoy all the world has to offer.

  4. Dear Maria, Your continual honesty is so refreshing and so provocative! Maybe right here on this day your brain quit, but it sure is active most of the time, even when you sleep! I love your post about beating yourself up over buying the new sewing machine! Annie

  5. Oh sweet Maria. I love books, I have them everywhere! One of these days we’ll figure it out…or not. I see some pot holders coming lol. Its soon Elvis time here in Collingwood again. His wife is, apparently, coming this year. Should kick it up yet another notch. So happy spring is in the air. Congrats on the new machine. Vroomm vroom.

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